​Sapphire's President and Group Consultants are seasoned and tenured executives in matters concerning commercial strategy, business motivation and education.  Sapphire Speaks will primarily showcase President's literary works and speaking engagements.  

    However, all Sapphire consultants are considered public speaking experts and are available for key note and lecture events upon request. For more info see page titled, Sapphire Speaks or click on the photo below.

Meet our professional consultants who are dedicated to utilizing their extensive expertise to facilitate your business needs.

All consultants are available for customized lecture and key not speaking events.

Take a look at this video which showcases one of Sapphire's signature courses such as Transitional Training for USA Veterans who are separating from military life to rejoin civilian life.

Once we have an executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish. Our seasoned staff is there to help every step of the way.

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Sapphire Management and Consultant Group is a business consultant and management firm which specializes in corporate learning and development initiatives & strategic planning.

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sapphire Speaks

OUR CONSULTANTS are dedicated to meeting the transitional needs of military personnel and other adult learners embarking on the journey of finding their encore career ... we show you how you have indeed saved the best for last!

Our consultants are experts in their field, boasting years of experience and knowledge. They are ready to put their business expertise to work for you as they offer solutions and strategies to help start, build, and prosper you during this critical life event of transition! Through customized training and one on one coaching, we guarantee your success!

Sapphire Speaks