​​Our Story

Sapphire Management and Consultant Group of New York and California is a business consultant and management firm. We are dedicated to small, medium and large enterprise business servicing through learning and development design and facilitation, strategic planning, development and execution as well as individualized client services.

Our mission statement is a simple one:

The sapphire is known as one of the most precious stones on earth; as the disciplines espoused by the member of the Sapphire Management & Consultant Group.  All are designed with your company and/or personal endeavors at heart.  Our goals align completely with yours and are not accomplished without your keen sense of satisfaction and improvement in                                     the area of life or business that truly matters to YOU.                                                      


How do we do this?

At Sapphire, we offer each potential project a comprehensive free evaluation.  It’s through our thoroughly designed client intake form and follow up consult, that we are able to properly diagnosis your company situation; thereby determining how our services can align with your goals and produce an incredible end result.  Once your business situation is properly assessed, we will provide you with a holistic contract of services addressing each of your business needs in a way that makes sense and will more importantly than that, ADVANCE and PROGRESS YOUR OVERALL BUSINESS.  Just like a medical diagnosis, each business situation varies and requires a step by step process that will lead to success. 

General Consultation and Project Management

Sapphire specializes in corporate training and learning and development project initiatives.  Sapphire also offers consultant and management services for business startup, merger, acquisition, divestiture or dissolution. We also work on providing resourcing for funding for your business and its operating needs.  We are dedicated to ensuring that business with viability and relevance have opportunities for growth and expansion.

Private Client Services

Sapphire has an individual component to it, known as our Private Client Services division. Sapphire will offer services to sole proprietors and/or individuals who require personal branding services, business plan preparation & presentation, marketing and social media set up & management, public speaking and/or speech writing assistance.

Not for Profit/Charitable Services

Sapphire is particularly committed to the advancement of
not for profit, charitable, religious and military veteran needs.  We will create special programs and pricing to address the specific needs of these most precious communities … talk to a member of Sapphire today! Call us at (805) 842-2474 or email us at info@sapphiremcg.com.