Summary of Heavy Love, The Epic, Volume 1:

Heavy Love, the Epic, is the burgeoning passion epic of Giovanna Salvatore and Joaquin Blue, affectionately known as Gio and Jo.  In a very unique way, this love story is a modern day version of the biblical prophet Hosea and his bride, Gomer.  Jo and Gio's love story is the kind that makes the heart melt and the knees buckle; full of youth, sincerity and happily ever after. Jo is kind, beautiful and gracious. Gio is harsh, gorgeous but tough.  ​While on the outside their union may seem unlikely, it is in fact, what each desires ...and requires. When the stars align and allow their love to be, all issues of their past and fears of their future are forever settled and made whole by their togetherness.  

This love is heavy! Join their days of young love and frivolity in this first volume of a four part series that will span into the decades before, during and after this incredible couple existed. Fall in love with them as they fall in love with each other and find out if this love is heavy enough to last a lifetime! Click on the cover page photo for direct access to the purchase of this Amazon eBook or hard copy favorite!

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Summary of Bathsheba, The Novel, Volume 1:

Even if you thought you knew everything about the biblical classic story of David and Bathsheba, this novel will entice you on a whole new level!  Unlike other versions, this story aims to tell the truth about Bathsheba's true and lasting love for her husband, General Uriah; as well as the General's undying affection for his family and loyalty to his military cause. 

Volume 1 dramatically details the events leading up to Bathsheba's encounter with King David and the subsequent interwoven tales of love, honor, duty, adultery and pain.

This true depiction of faithful General Uriah, the beautiful and alluring Bathsheba and lustful King of Israel, David is an amazing page turner!  It embarks on the fateful collision course that occurs when these three poetic lives, cross irreparable paths with one another.  Click on the cover page photo for direct access to the purchase of this Amazon eBook or hard copy favorite!

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